Living in Berkeley: Ultimate Travel Guide [Part 2]

Here is Part 2 of the Ultimate Travel Guide for Berkeley. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, then please click here.

Our next HIGHLY RECOMMENDED sightseeing place IS:

3) The View from the Lawrence Hall of Science/Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

This location overlooks the entire city of Berkeley as well as San Francisco in the distance. One of the best views of the Bay Area can be seen from this site. Travel up with your buddies in the afternoon and stay for the sunset/night views! I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this visit. There are 2 ways in which you can get up to the Lawrence Hall of Science: 1) By hiking up the fire trails (which connects directly to the Mathematical Science Research Institute and leads to the Lawrence Hall of Science) OR 2) Get a car ride from the Memorial Stadium to the Lawrence Hall of Science (faster route; on the way, you should pass by the UC Botanical Garden).

Lawrence Hall of Science

4) Lake Anza

If you ever feel like skipping rocks at a lake/being at peace with yourself or engaging in deep talks with your friends, then Lake Anza is the perfect place for you! This lake provides a refreshing change to your usual scenery.

You can either relax and meditate on the rocks or have long chats with your buddy. Currently, due to COVID-19 regulations, the lake is closed off for swimming. However, these policies may change as in person classes resume in Fall 2021. If you want to go hiking, then the trip to lake Anza may act as your “workout.” This is a 5 mile hike from UC Berkeley campus (approx. the same distance as my top 2 pick “Emeryville Marina”).

Lastly, we have our 5th and final recommendation to you on our travel guide: The Fire Trails & Claremont Regional Trails

Lake Anza

Lake Anza

5) The Fire Trails & Claremont Canyon Regional Trails

This is considered to be one of the BEST SPOTS FOR HIKING AT BERKELEY. For these 3 years, I’ve always used these trails for working out or hanging out with my buds. The main reason why this location is popular among students and community members is due to the diversity of trails that you can go on. There are dozens of mini trails that can both cross paths and lead you to different destinations (including Grizzly Peak). It’s easy to get lost but once you go there a few times, you’ll soon recognize which paths to take.

The exciting part about the Claremont Canyon Regional Trails is that you’ll never be bored. You can constantly go on different paths and it’ll end up to be an adventure with your friends. Don’t worry about not finding your way back! There is still phone service on the mountain so you can map your way back or call your friends/family to pick you up.

Fire Trails

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