Berkeley Bucket List – Library Edition

I’m on a mission to visit every single one of Berkeley’s 24 libraries during my final year at Cal. As the first month of school comes to a close, I’ve decided to highlight some of these spots that aren’t as popular as, say, Doe or Moffitt. Let’s take a look!

Anthropology Library (Anthropology and Art Practice Building)

The Anthropology Library sits on the second floor of the Anthropology and Art Practice Building, surrounded by various art and design studios, classrooms, and museum collections. Its location at the southeast edge of campus means that it is fairly close to anyone coming from Southside, as well as right across from Caffe Strada if you need a quick bite. read more

How to Transition from Online School to In Person Classes

Have you been attending Zoom University from your bed this past year? Now that “in-person” school’s back in session, what changes will you need to make to your daily routine? What are the types of habits that are going to make you successful?

In Person Classes
Me in the Berkeley Hills overlooking the Bay Area!

If these are the questions that you’re wondering, then stick around! I’ll answer everything below and lay out the most effective strategies for achieving your best results this school year at UC Berkeley.

Bzzzzzzz! BEEP! BEEP! Your alarm sounds. It’s 11:59 am and you have 1 minute till your 12 o’clock class. You shut it off and turn on your computer. Zoom starts and you hear your professor talking. This is probably the daily routine of a Zoom University schedule for many of us. Although this seems to be the ideal life of a student, going to school from your bed, it produces long term habits that will negatively impact our daily lifestyles. read more

Communications 101: Running an Organization

A university education like Berkeley is made up of so many elements: fascinating lectures pushing us to think more deeply, engaging discourse between people of all different backgrounds, and once in a lifetime experiences with friends. But beyond the bounds of a Cal classroom or a dorm room, you’re able to see the way students come together and form societies and organizations of incredible complexity.

When I first arrived on campus, I had no idea that in three years I would be part of a team that runs one of oldest and one of the most intricate student organizations here: the UC Rally Committee. Founded in 1901, the Rally Committee is a campus wide organization that helps retain the history and upkeep all of the spirit and traditions developed on campus in the last century. In three years, I went from someone enjoying weekly meetings and Committee events to being the who plans and executes them. Not only has it been such an exciting and challenging experience, it’s also been one that’s provided me vital skills that will help me in the real world. read more

One Bear’s Goodbye to Bear Talk

Throughout my time at UC Berkeley, I was lucky enough to partake in a wide and wild array of activities. In a single day, I would fly from one end of campus to another, learning, dancing, giving tours, leading my residents, having meetings, and discovering new things. One of the most special activities I participated in, however, was one that I did more quietly. Beginning in the Fall of 2018, I wrote blog posts for this student blog, Bear Talk.

Evelyn stands in her graduation stole in front of Sather Gate
Finally saying hi after two years of coordinating this blog!

My posts were a bit random in topic, but very personal and special to me nonetheless. I wrote about the International Student community I was a part of at International House, my experiences with dance on campus, the process of learning my fourth language, and even day-to-day trends in campus style. Blogging gave me an opportunity to reflect individually, but also to wonder if my independent musings could possibly help someone out there learn a little more about what it is like to be a Berkeley student. read more