How to Start Meditating as a Cal Student

We are now well into the school year…it’s midterm season every week! And each of us are piling up with work and assignments. Although it’s stressful, there are many positive ways to cope with these types of stresses. One of my most preferred ways to do this is through meditation. If you’d like to learn about the secrets to dealing with a stressful school year, then stay on! You’ll be a master of meditation in no time with this comprehensive guide.

Meditating outside

Whenever you think about meditation, what pops into your head? It might be a monk sitting at the tip of the mountain, closing their eyes and crossing their legs. Some of you might think.. this is something that I definitely do not see myself doing. I actually thought the same way a year back. However, that’s until I realized the purpose of what meditation does to your mind and body. It’s a technique that allows you to relax, be calm, and, at the same time, fully concentrate on a topic of your desire. This can be your breathing, your physiological state (heart beat), or anything you want. You should tailor each mediation to a specific part of your day. For example, when I wake up, I want to be in a state where I’m motivated to start the day. This calls for a gratitude and affirmation meditation session. I will concentrate my mind on the things that I am grateful for in life (my family/friends, education, work, or just the little things in life like being able to breathe fresh air every single day). Then, for the affirmation portion, I will tell myself that I am the best and my uniqueness is what make me the greatest. This positive thinking directly influences the start of your day. Not only do you feel motivated to start your morning, but it also serves as a daily reminder of why you exist in this world. It’s a powerful habit to establish.

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more meditation!

Here are the various types of meditation that I do: Gratitude (things that you are grateful for in life), Affirmation (reminding yourself of your strengths and the uniqueness that you have to change the world), Life’s Purpose (your purpose in life), Reflection of Activities (reflecting upon how the week has went for you, both good and bad, and the ways you can maintain or improve on for next week), and Silent/Breathing Meditation (not thinking about anything, clearing your mind). I typically do gratitude, affirmation, life’s purpose, and reflection of activities in the morning. And silent/breathing meditations in the afternoon. The reason is because you have space to think in the morning. On the other hand, when the afternoon hits, students are typically exhausted and need a break—perfect time for silent/breathing mediations to calm your mind down.

Finally, there are many health benefits to meditating. Meditation can be used to not only reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, but it can also increase hormones for your well being: serotonin (mood), melatonin (sleep/wake cycles), endorphins (happy hormone), growth hormone, and more!


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