Mental Health is Important: Tips to Finding a Therapist

Berkeley can be a tough school; and with grinding academics, a vigorous social sphere, and other stress-inducing activities it is so important to take care of your mental health. There are many ways to tend to your needs, but one thing that has worked really well for me is therapy.

Before anything else, it is really important that you understand everyone can benefit from therapy. This means you must debunk any preconceived notions of therapy as something for “mentally ill” people. Therapy comes in all forms and is meant to target and help whoever is attending it. If I had it my way, every person in the world would be able to access free therapy. read more

Biking Berkeley: An Amateur’s Guide

Classes moving online held some major setbacks for me, but also provided some really great opportunities! Think about it: with asynchronous classes, you can have more time to enjoy the day outside and be active! While I completely understand the last thing you feel motivated to do during the pandemic is be active, I want to stress the importance of pushing yourself to do so!

Prior to the lockdowns, I didn’t think about my level of physical activity– this was because I walked to class every day, was going on adventures with friends, and was able to head to the gym whenever. Like many people, during the first few weeks of the pandemic, I was met with an overload of fatigue. Even when I identified that it was basic physics (a body in motion, stays in motion), I still didn’t know how to motivate myself to be active! read more

Why Office Hours Are Important!

As the end of my third year of college comes rushing towards me, I have given some reflection on my time at Cal. The memories I’ve made with my friends, random adventures I’ve been on, and the brilliant people I’ve met along the way. One of my favorite things about university that isn’t talked about enough might surprise you: office hours.

If you don’t already know, office hours are a time for you to meet with your professors or graduate student instructors (GSIs) outside of class time. Sound intimidating? That’s the secret– it isn’t! I’m not here to give you the same speech you’ll get 1000 times in college: “We highly recommend you go to office hours” or “office hours are great for asking questions about the class.” My goal is to tell you my experiences with office hours and the most unexpected results: friendship with professors and graduate students! read more