How Remote Learning Has Given Me New Tools

On March 6th, I flew back home to Seattle for a long awaiting family event. It was then that I found out that I wouldn’t be flying back to Berkeley because I had a fever and was directed into quarantine. That following Tuesday all classes went remote. As one would imagine, this quick adjustment caused chaos in the university and the rest of the world. However, Berkeley’s adjustment brought new aspects to my education that I wouldn’t get in my normal curriculum.

My biology lab class had the most drastic change. How are we supposed to engage in biological experiments and discoveries without being in a live setting? The Biology 1B faculty worked hard to figure out how to incorporate technology without losing the fundamental techniques and takeaways from our labs. This has led to the incorporation of coding and Jupyter notebook. As a biology and math major, coding is not something that is emphasized in my curriculum despite it being a very useful skill in those career fields. read more

Becoming part of Berkeley Optometry’s environment as an undergrad

Group Photo from Fall conference 2019

As an incoming freshman, I knew that I was interested in the medical field, but I wasn’t quite sure that medical school was for me. Before going to Berkeley I didn’t know anything about Optometry. Little did I know that we have the top Optometry school in the nation as well as a thriving pre-optometry community. It sparked my interest and I was welcomed into the undergraduate student community as well as the graduate one.

Foresight Pre-Optometry Club was the first club I joined at Berkeley. One of my friends from home was also in it, which was nice. The club is an incredible way to get connected with the School of Optometry. For starters, all of our meetings were in the graduate school. Our meetings frequently had professors come in and speak for us as well as the occasional faculty dinner. I honestly feel like I know all the professors already! Foresight also hands me opportunities I feel  I wouldn’t get anywhere else like job openings at optometry offices, research opportunities, leadership and professional development, and volunteer opportunities.  read more