Am I Anxious or Do I Have COVID-19?

This quarantine season has taught me that I am a much more paranoid and anxious person over very trivial matters than I believed myself to be. As of recent, the weather in Berkeley has been warm and dry and I have been forced to stay inside my apartment, which has the oldest carpet a living being has ever seen, due to quarantine. I am allergic to dust (thanks Dad) and so if a room is dusty, I will cough and my throat will be very irritated. I am also sensitive to dry air, which will also cause me to cough and my throat to be very irritated. Logically, my coughing is due to the perfect combination of dry air and dust floating around the room. However, my illogical and paranoid brain led me to believe that I had COVID-19: “Were there COVID germs on my boba straw? It had to be the boba straw.” I warned my housemates that the dry air and dust could be the culprit but I could not convince myself. So, in a state of panic, I called the 24-hour advice nurse.  read more

Celebrating Women at Cal

Celebrating women’s accomplishments was a very unfamiliar concept to me, even as someone who attended an all girls’ high school. It was so common to see every campus project, milestone, and contribution done by my female peers that I often forgot every single thing was achieved by women. Living in such a bubble was an absolute privilege, I’ve learned after graduating. The world beyond the bricks of my high school was nearly as optimistic and sure of women getting the job done, no matter what it may be. This difference was demonstrated after my admission into Cal. read more