Dear Clark Kerr …

Returning to the dorms was something that I’d never thought I’d do. Although I had loved my freshman year experience, I was excited to experience new housing adventures, like living in my sorority house or in my own apartment. While I did end up doing these things, once COVID hit and I returned back to my hometown, I had to rethink my housing situation for senior year.

I ended up applying to be a Resident Assistant (RA), as I fondly recalled how the RAs in my freshman year building had helped me, a shy and scared first-year, navigate the university. I knew that I wanted to help provide other new students with the resources and tools to explore and grow at Cal. After going through the application process and completing our Community Leadership Seminar, I opened my placement email and found … Clark Kerr! read more

Pumpkin to Talk About: Berkeley in Autumn!

With the transition of summer into fall comes beautiful color changes, pumpkin-flavored everything, and sweater weather. Let’s celebrate the autumn and Halloween season by taking a look into some of my favorite fall Berkeley activities:

Go for a walk

In my hometown, the weather stays the same all year round – Before I came to Berkeley, I’d never really experienced the four seasons. While one could still argue that seasons in California don’t really count as “true seasons,” they would have to admit that seeing the leaves change color in Berkeley is one of the most beautiful things ever! A walk through Elmwood (perhaps on the way to pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored treat) or even just through campus is a great way to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the ever-changing colors of the trees, crunchy leaf piles, and crisp fall air.
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Berkeley Bucket List – Library Edition

I’m on a mission to visit every single one of Berkeley’s 24 libraries during my final year at Cal. As the first month of school comes to a close, I’ve decided to highlight some of these spots that aren’t as popular as, say, Doe or Moffitt. Let’s take a look!

Anthropology Library (Anthropology and Art Practice Building)

The Anthropology Library sits on the second floor of the Anthropology and Art Practice Building, surrounded by various art and design studios, classrooms, and museum collections. Its location at the southeast edge of campus means that it is fairly close to anyone coming from Southside, as well as right across from Caffe Strada if you need a quick bite. read more