Not a house, but a Home

Contrary to popular belief, I’d say that the most stressful part of going to UC Berkeley is trying to secure housing. Finding the perfect place to live can be a hassle, between finding an apartment or condo the right distance from school or making sure you and your friends can live close by, the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming. But once you do find the perfect place, it may feel more like a temporary residence than a home. And it shouldn’t feel like that! So here’s the story of how I made my apartment something unique. read more

Adulting 101: Living in Berkeley

It may surprise you to know that unlike many other colleges, Berkeley students typically only stay their first year in the on-campus dorms. Because of the school’s special situation within the city of Berkeley, many upperclassmen choose to live in on-campus or even private apartment style housing. I never would have expected to find myself living with 13 of my closest friends this year, but with the conclusion of this semester, I have really taken some time to reflect on what makes or breaks a successful household.  So here’s my list of do’s and don’ts for living off campus! read more

Finding the Right Note: Making Music in Berkeley

Is there a place for making music in college? Or is it just a fun hobby that eventually fades away with time? Growing up, I always felt that music was destined to be in my future. My parents raised me to play piano, sing, and write music. When I was applying to college, I was conflicted as to what kind of major I should choose: something practical, analytical, and career based, like a social science? Or something more niche that I was passionate about? Ultimately, I came into Berkeley intending to be a political science major, but still determined to continue my interest in music. read more

Communication at Cal: Your Guide to Messaging

You’d think that it would be straightforward getting in contact with people in college, but it may be more complex than you’d think. UC Berkeley is a hub of tech entrepreneurship, and along with that comes many  new ways to get connected. While text messaging is often complicated by which kind of phone you’re using, alternative social media apps have come along to save the day. Since coming to Cal, I’ve been introduced to numerous messaging and teamwork apps, some which I like a lot and some which aren’t as user friendly. You’ll find that getting in touch with other students is important, whether it be for classes or clubs, especially during learning in the virtual realm. So here’s my guide to some of the apps you may find yourself using at Cal. read more

The Cal Football Community

When coming to Berkeley, there was one thing I really looked forward to: football. From cheering in the spirit section for my high school’s football team to my family’s fantasy football league, I loved to cheer on a team I could call my own. So I made it a priority that I would go to as many football games as possible at Cal, despite not knowing much about the team.

I remember my first game: a hot midday game against UC Davis. It was so exciting to see crowds flowing into California Memorial stadium, the students getting their game day t-shirts, and the Rally Committee and CalBand filling up their sections.  However, at the first game, I was surprised at what I saw: many people came to the game but didn’t even watch, leaving halfway through. The student section seemed pretty empty against the full card stunt. The stifling heat made it difficult to concentrate on anything. Despite winning the game by a substantial amount, there was little fanfare or hype for the team. read more