Involve Yourself On Campus

In high school, I longed for the “freedom” that college would bring to my life. I wanted to finally have the liberty to stay up as late as I wanted, go to limitless parties, and become independent from the structured life my parents imposed on me. Once I moved into college, I had the chance to do all of these things. I went from participating in countless extracurriculars, taking extra different classes, and playing sports to taking fewer units and participating in no campus clubs. Despite my extra free time this lifestyle granted me, my body felt just as tired as before and my stress remained equal. I failed to understand why I felt this tired and why more rest failed to help. I quickly found myself questioning why my treasured freedom failed to live up to expectations and I started to long for my busy high school schedule once again.  read more

A Not So Serious Guide for How to Survive a Semester on Zoom

Hello Zoomies!!!! Welcome to our two-part guide on how to masterfully survive the most asocial semester since I wore headgear and glasses in middle school. We will teach you how to Ace your classes while still making all the crazy memories college is known for (like skipping classes to study for your Comp Sci midterm). So strap on your virtual seatbelts and get ready for a lot of incoherent advice from your two favorite buffoons for campus ambassadors.

A little bit of background on the two of us. I am Michael, a second-year student studying data science and loneliness. Also on this post is Kaelyn, a third-year student studying Geography (she doesn’t understand how Google Maps works so she had to major in it), Society & Environment, and whatever her boyfriend is watching on Netflix. Hi, all! I’m Kaelyn. Happy to be here. I’ll be here writing in italics! Thank you for that great introduction Michael, but excuse you my boyfriend only watches Hulu for your information.  read more

Share Your Stories!

As a Campus Ambassador, my job encourages me to share my personal stories about myself and Berkeley’s wonderful campus. Whether I’m sharing our campus traditions, how I met my best friends at my campus job, or the reasons why I call Berkeley home, you can always find me telling stories to whoever will listen. However, before starting my campus job, telling these personal stories scared me and I resisted telling them to my Berkeley friends all together. Going into freshman year, I expected people to act uninterested towards the more personal details of my life, to dismiss me if my stories failed to reflect a common character archetype, and for people to switch the subject back to themselves when convenient. Thanks to my campus job, that mindset failed to last for long. read more