Best Places to Travel Over Winter Break

Thank goodness for all of, Winter Break is quickly approaching. In the last week of instruction, with RRR week and Finals looming over our heads, it’s important to take time to think about the endless possibilities that Winter Break holds. With an entire five weeks off this December and January, what can’t you do? One option is to travel to a new place – whether it’s a new country, a new state, or even just a different city within California. Here are some recommendations: read more

A President’s Eye View

The Executive Board of Kappa Alpha Theta

There are so many opportunities to get involved with on campus; something I highlight on every single tour that we have over 1,100 student organizations, and if you don’t find something you like it’s pretty easy to start your own. Luckily for me, out of all of the organizations I have become a part of, I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one. One of the organizations that I have ended up devoting the most time to is the sorority that I joined my very first semester at Cal – Kappa Alpha Theta. read more

Can I Get a “Go Bears”?

There are so many amazing things about Berkeley – the people, the campus, the city, the school spirit, and more – and if you’re a Campus Ambassador (also known as a tour guide) you get to talk about all of them on a weekly basis.

A lot of people look for campus jobs as soon as they get to Cal. While there are a ton of jobs around the city of Berkeley because there are so many restaurants and stores, there is no doubt that on-campus jobs are extremely convenient. Luckily, there is a plethora of on-campus jobs available. You can work in a library, as a tutor for the Student Learning Center, and so much more. However, I am here to argue that the best job of all is the job in which you get to meet people from all over the world and tell them why Cal is the best school in the universe. Plus, you get the title of “campus ambassador” and get to wear a pretty snazzy grey jacket. read more

Cal in the Capital

One of the most popular and rewarding programs at Cal is called Cal in the Capital, and I was lucky enough to be a part of the program this past year.

Once I was admitted into this program after applying and going through an interview process, I took the DeCal spring semester of 2018. The DeCal largely helped us prepare our applications and make our resumes, cover letters, and Linked Ins the best they could possibly be. The facilitators also helped us prepare for a summer in Washington D.C. with things to do, what to wear, and how to plan financially. The expectation of applying to over twenty possible internships definitely motivated me, and eventually led to me getting the opportunity to intern for the United States Senate with the Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein. read more

Real World Opportunities

We’ve heard it before — Cal is a land of opportunity. Normally that is referring to our academic supremacy over all other public schools. Sometimes it is referring to our athletic capabilities, such as when we won the most recent national championship in water polo. There are truly dozens of areas in which Cal allows the world to be your oyster. However the area that I am referring to is the area of internship experience.

While Cal equips us with the tools to be eager appliers and skilled interviewers, many of the opportunities us golden bears have access to can be attributed solely to the fact that we live in the incredible Bay Area. From the tech world to finance to politics, the Bay is active in all of it.  If you are looking to apply anywhere in the Bay, it would be the smart move to take advantage of the many networking events the Alumni House holds and the resume workshops put on my different student organizations. Within my student organization, at our weekly board meetings one member of the executive board does a Linked In, cover letter, or other application building-skill workshop so that all of us are better prepared for the competitive but exciting intern lifestyle. My sorority also has individual members do resume workshops and the like. In conclusion, you can implement this sort of routine in whatever kind of organization you belong to because everyone truly does benefit from it. read more

Cal Bucket List

Attention y’all — this is important! Us Golden Bears need to start appreciating and taking advantage of the amazing area of the world that we are lucky to call our temporary home while we are students here. Berkeley and the larger Bay Area is some of the most prime real estate out there, and a place that people would do almost anything to live in. While, it is incredibly easy to get sucked into the academic world that makes up so much of your time here at Cal, it’s important to enjoy your college years, and truly experience the world around you. That includes finding the hidden gems of Berkeley and venturing out into the city every now and again! SO, here is your comprehensive bucket list for your years at this wonderful university: read more

Our Golden Years

At the start of every semester, every student gets a completely new schedule and has the opportunity to explore completely new interests by joining new clubs and meeting more of their fellow golden bears. When it gets closer to the middle of the semester, and in the heart of midterm season, it can be easy to focus on the academic pressure and forget about all of the amazing things happening at Cal. In order for these four years to truly be our golden years, we need to make sure to capitalize on these opportunities. read more

Holiday Season: Gift Edition

It is almost the holiday season, as you can tell from the beautiful picture of Fourth Street above. All that is standing in our way is the easy breezy two weeks that consists of dead week and finals week. Just kidding — we wish that either of these upcoming weeks were going to be easy or breezy. They are going to be extremely testing and difficult. However, the month off afterward in which we don’t have any academic responsibilities is well worth all of the dedication we are going to show towards our courses in hopes for the best grades possible in this land of grade deflation. One of the most wonderful parts about this entire month off includes the holidays that take place during it, and the time spent with your loved ones during these holidays. With this special time of the year coming up, it is important to start thinking about what gifts you’d like to both receive and give to your family during Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever other holiday traditions you have. This is a hard task to do in the midst of all the studying that is going on, so we thought we’d give you some perfect ideas of not only what to give, but more importantly what to ask for. read more

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Well everyone, Thanksgiving break has finally arrived. This not only means that you have survived the majority of a semester here at Cal, but also that hopefully you get to take a few days off and spend those days with your family or other loved ones. There is nothing better than visiting home after being in Berkeley for almost four months; then, when we come back, we have an entirely new appreciation for what our day to day lives consist of here in the Bay. Even if Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily your favorite holiday, there are so many things to love about it. Some people are into the food (most are, if we’re being honest), some are into fall fashion, some are into extensive family time, and others are into all of the above. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. While we might not all share a mutual love for Thanksgiving, there is no doubt that we all share a love for a few days of rest. So here are some of the things you have to look forward to on this short, but needed, time off. read more

Best Ways to Stay Fit Before the Holidays Approach

Well, here’s the good news. Thanksgiving break is two short weeks away, and winter break is a quick, studying-filled three weeks later. All of that adds up getting to spend time with old friends, going from missing your family to being sick of them again, and of course some tear-worthy home cooked meals. Since you have been so dearly missed, your favorite things can often be cooked for you on command, and as often as you want. When you only have a week or two to experience the beauty of your family’s food versus cafeteria food, you should do all you can to take full advantage of it. However, to prepare for all of that food entering your body, and to continue avoiding that so-called freshman fifteen, now is the perfect time to take advantage of all of the local incredible workout spots and opportunities. read more