The Little Frisbee Team That Couldn’t

We called ourselves the Frisbaes, and before the season started, I was absolutely sure that we would come out on top. We were, after all, an assortment of students with Ultimate Frisbee ability levels ranging from I play sometimes for fun, to never touched a disc before. What could possibly go wrong?

The Frisbaes pose after a game at Underhill Field.

UC Berkeley Intramural Sports are available to anybody with a valid Cal Rec Club Membership. While the cost of being a Recreational Sports Facility member is included in tuition fees for all Berkeley students, the gym and its associated programs are also available to faculty and staff, university affiliates, and community members. Cal Intramural Sports are unique in that they are one of the few sets of circumstances in which all of those different groups that comprise the greater UC Berkeley community come together and interact. read more

Out of My Comfort Zone

Though in a school as large as UC Berkeley, office hours are often presented as an invaluable student resource, it took me awhile to actually follow through on the promises I made myself to actually take advantage of them.

This is BERKELEY, I thought to myself as a freshman. These professors are brilliant. Why would they want to talk to me, a measly undergraduate? And besides, Berkeley students are supposed to be some of the best and the brightest in the nation. I should be able to do my work without help. read more

Caves, Condors, and Cal: Spring Break 2016

Early on the first Saturday of spring break, I packed my car with snacks, water bottles, and two friends. We grabbed bagels from Beauty’s on Telegraph (which had a line nearly out the door even at 8AM on a Saturday) and headed out of town.

Our destination was Pinnacles National Park, situated about two and a half hours south of Berkeley. America’s most recently designated national park, I hadn’t heard of Pinnacles until just a few days earlier, when I’d run across some outdoorsy click bait on a routine scroll down my Facebook news feed that suggested I Explore this Hidden Gem Just South of San Francisco! It sounded fun to me. read more

Active Learning

I have a love/hate relationship with Dwinelle Hall’s southwest stairwell. Though there is nothing particularly exceptional about the stairs themselves (no sweeping spirals or breathtaking Bay views from here, folks!), I have encountered them every weekday morning around 9:06AM for over a semester now, and I think it’s safe to say that exposure like that can elicit some strong emotional responses.

A high school biology textbook of mine once stated, in an attempt to stay relatable in the eyes of its teenaged target audience, something along the lines of: “A reasonably fit human being should be able to ascend three flights of stairs with a backpack on and make it to class on time without being out of breath.” What a farce. I am a reasonably fit human being—in that I do semi-regular yoga and occasionally take it upon myself to run up North Side’s Euclid Ave. to the Rose Garden—and every weekday morning around 9:09AM for over a semester now, I have arrived in Spanish class jadeando y sudando. Gasping and sweating. read more