Tabling on Sproul Plaza: An Exercise in Free Speech

As any student at Cal will tell you, navigating Sproul Plaza takes a lot of skill (especially during the first couple weeks of every semester).  For one thing, it is a major entrance to campus, where in the 10 minutes between classes thousands of students will pass through the narrow plaza.  Simply walking through hordes of students can be a challenge.  But what truly makes Sproul Plaza tricky is attempting to avoid being “flyered”, or given flyers by individuals advocating for an event, some political movement, or to join their club.  Today, I was one of those flyering on Sproul, attempting to engage people in conversations about Cal Band. read more

Why I Chose UC Berkeley

It’s that time of the year again.  The weather is nice, school is almost done for summer break, baseball has started again.  Oh, and thousands of high school seniors are deciding where to attend college in the fall.  How could I forget that?  It’s amazing to me to think that almost exactly two years ago to the date (April 8th), I made the decision to attend UC Berkeley.  Time really does fly by when you are busy and having fun.  Hopefully, I can shed some light as to why I chose Cal and why I could never imagine making a better decision now that I am almost halfway done with college (side note – it’s a sad thought that I am halfway done, I don’t want to ever leave Berkeley). read more

Let’s Dance

Monday, March 13th will live on in the memories of Cal Women’s Basketball fans forever. It was on this day, when all hopes of an NCAA March Madness bid seemed lost, that Cal earned a 9 seed.  The team jumped for joy as they learned they were going back to the Big Dance.  I was ecstatic and immediately began composing emails to all my professors letting them know I would be in Waco, Texas.  As a member of Cal Band, I had the unique opportunity to travel with the basketball team to the NCAA Tournament and cheer them on.  Fortunately for me, my professors were all very accommodating and allowed me to miss class on Friday and Monday, provided I stayed on top of all the material and assignments I missed. read more

Attending Office Hours

Office Hours.  Those two words are repeated over and over as a student.  From my parents telling me to go to them, professors reminding about their office hours, and even friends talking about questions they would ask, I hear about office hours on a daily basis.  But in all my time here I have yet to attend a professor’s office hours.  I have always been scared about going because I usually can get my questions asked in class, so I never had any questions I could ask and I didn’t want to go and be awkward without any questions.  But this all changed when last week I mustered the courage to go to my professor’s office hours. read more