Interact Stayover


Cal Rotaract is a wonderful club with four different subcommittees: Rotary, Local, International, and Interact. Earlier this month, I participated in Interact for the first time. I have to say it was a really rewarding experience and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Interact Stayover, formally called Cal Berkeley Rotaract Stayover, is a biannual event. Every single semester, Rotaract brings in a group of about sixty students to host for the weekend. This event is a mix of community service, mentorship, and fun all wrapped into two days. read more

Staying Organized

College, especially Berkeley, can be very hectic and tiring. However, the best way to overcome all the stress and sleepless nights is by staying organized! And, you might say, how?

Here’s how:

Use Google Calendar or an equivalent of it.

  • When I was in my spring semester of freshman year, my friend in my Egyptian seminar was tidying up his calendar and adding new events. Curious, I looked over and asked him what he was doing. He said, “Kate, I’m adding this event I have on Friday, you don’t know what Google Calendar is?” I was embarrassed for not knowing this tool, which was apparently very important. After class, I decided to try out the application myself, and I immediately fell in love. It makes life way easier!! I repeat it makes your life much more organized and simple.
  • read more

    The Wonderful Harry Potter Decal



    Before I start describing the Harry Potter Decal, let me first explain what a Decal is. A Decal at UC Berkeley is a small class taught by fellow undergraduate students. Although student facilitators tend to be upperclassmen, some are sophomores or even freshmen! Throughout campus, Berkeley offers a wide variety of Decals: Harry Potter, Baking, Intro to Surgery, Kanye West, and so many more! Harry Potter Decal is one of the more popular Decals offered on campus. It is absolutely wonderful and for hardcore lovers of the series and new readers alike should take this class, and here’s why! read more

    How to Destress Over Dead Week

    Finals week is next week! Dead week, formally called RRR Week (Reading, Review, and Recitation), is called dead week for a reason. It’s that time of the semester. Every soul on campus disappears into Mainstacks and the libraries to study. As important as it is to study, make sure to take care of yourself. Taking time to partake in relaxing and exciting activities is a good way to balance studies with your health. Below are several suggestions on how to destress during the most stressful week of the semester. read more

    Surviving the Last Stretch of the Semester

    With one more week of instruction, the finish line of the semester is within our sight. The end of semester also means the lack of motivation or increased laziness. However, it is important to remember that the end of the semester is when you should be putting more effort to study for finals or maintaining your motivation you held throughout the semester. Unfortunately, the last week of instruction will still be as stressful as the rest of the semester. Everywhere I go, I meet people who have essays, projects, and labs due for their classes. It may feel frustrating, but surviving through three more weeks of school should, hopefully, be a smooth experience read more

    Navigating the Library System and OskiCat

    U.C. Berkeley’s library is not to be underestimated. Our library boasts a collection of 12.1 million volumes. The numerous volumes make traversing the libraries difficult. In addition, the libraries are not centralized in one single location. With 27 branches, students can access libraries from various locations throughout campus, but it makes finding that perfect book for a research paper or project undeniably arduous.

    Now, you might ask: “How do I traverse the library system efficiently?” Worry not! Berkeley has already created a solution for this exact issue: OskiCat. read more

    The Art of Finding Friends (Freshmen Edition)

    Berkeley is known for its sizable student population. As newly admitted freshmen, it is daunting to meet new people from diverse locations across the world. But that fear can be overcome by stepping out of your comfort zone (despite how frightening that may seem) to meet potential lifelong friends and a support group that will help you through your Berkeley journey.

      1. If you live in the dorms, start by introducing yourself to your floormates. The classic advice is to buy a door stopper or devise some mechanism to prop your door open to meet new people. A proactive tactic is to walk into doors that are left open and introduce yourself! Keep in mind that other people in the dorms are also excited and nervous to meet new people.
      2. Join school organizations and clubs. Don’t be afraid to sign up for clubs during the annual Calapalooza (a college version of club rush) or even halfway through the semester. Clubs are always looking for new active members to join their cause. The best part is that Berkeley has over 1,000 student groups to cater to diverse interests.
      3. In addition to joining clubs, attend events hosted by school organizations. Many school groups host guest speakers, networking events, social events, and much more! By attending these events, you get to engage in activities you love while meeting people who share the same passions as you do. Even if you don’t like to socialize, volunteering at events is a great way to spend time with people.
      4. Meet new people in class. On the first day of class, talk to the people sitting around you. This is one of the best ways to meet new people. You have the chance to bond over assignments and midterms, and if you like the people you met, you can ask to hang out outside of study groups. This can be anything from having lunch together or going hiking. If you don’t want to hang outside of class, that’s completely fine. You can still greet them on campus.

      During your freshman year, one concern is not being able to meet the right people or finding your social niche in Berkeley. Even if you don’t meet the right people during your freshman year, always remember that we have many more years ahead of us. You never know who you will meet next semester, so don’t give up! read more

    Berkeley Connect: A Hidden Gem

    Berkeley Connect is a miniscule program within our enormous campus. In this one unit course, Cal students of all ages and majors can sign up for a Berkeley Connect course under a specific department, such as History, Math, English, Physics, Music, and Computational Biology. All these diverse departments give students a chance to check out which majors and courses best suit and interest them. With each department’s detailed syllabus, Berkeley Connect students connect with a mentor and graduate school students, while eating (free!) dinner and embarking on field trips. If these factors aren’t enough to interest you in Berkeley Connect, I’ll share my own personal experience with the program. read more