Berkeley activities you need to put on your bucket list

Going to college means having almost unlimited opportunities available to you. With so many things to do at Berkeley – social, professional, and athletic events and opportunities – it can be difficult to decide what exactly to do, which is why students come up with a bucket list of items that they absolutely need to do before college ends. At Berkeley, two items that have to be on that list are picnicking on the glade and eating pizza from The CheeseBoard Collective.
The classic Berkeley experience is having a picnic on the glade. It’s 70 degrees and sunny, the breeze is just right, and you’re surrounded by good vibes while relaxing on one of the prettiest parts of campus. I finally got to experience my first proper Berkeley glade picnic the day after my last final of freshmen year. After grabbing the classic Bulgogi fries and Salmon bowl from Golden Bear Cafe, my roommate and I laid our picnic blanket on the upper part of the glade near the trees. Blasting music from our speaker, we played songs that reminded us of past memories.
Relaxing on the glade with no pressing worries reminded me of days at the beach, when you would just relax with your friends. Instead of the ocean however, we had beautiful views of Doe Library and the Campanile. Surrounding us were more groups, also enjoying the nice afternoon on the glade. From couples having intimate moments to big groups laughing over stories, the Glade is a place for everyone.
The Cheese Board Collective is a world famous pizzeria, bakery, and cheese shop located just a few blocks from campus. It’s the highest-rated pizza place in America according to Yelp and only serves one type of pizza per day, which is vegetarian. Cheese Board is so famous that when my friend from New Jersey came to visit, she requested to eat there because her professor talked about it in class!
I finally got to try Cheese Board this summer with my fellow campus ambassadors Brandon and Lila. While we were waiting in line we struck up a conservation with the people around us. The man standing in front of us was a Berkeley professor from France. We asked him what it’s like teaching students at Berkeley and he wanted to hear our perspective on classes as Berkeley students. We also talked to a couple who were on a road trip from Southern California. They were involved in the health industry and gave my friends some tips on how to succeed in the health industry.

Of course these are just two items for your Berkeley bucket list. There’s so many more things to do at Berkeley – hiking at Clark Kerr fire trails, watching a dance performance, rolling down 4.0 hill, etc – but I highly encourage everyone to start out with a nice picnic on the glade and going to Cheese Board collective pizza. read more

Summer in Berkeley – a Comprehensive Guide

Berkeley is a blast during the school year – the hustle and bustle of classes, club meetings, sports games and projects keeps students busy from August to May. However, a decent handful of students opt to stay in Berkeley for the summer months, whether they’re working or taking classes. Although campus isn’t as busy as usual, I’ve come to appreciate the quieter summer months in my college town. Here are a few of my favorite summer activities to do in Berkeley!

1. Take an art class through the Berkeley Art Studio
I took my first pottery class through the Berkeley Art Studio last fall, and it unlocked a new skill I never knew I had! I was fortunate enough to finish most of my pieces before Christmas break, and they made excellent handmade Christmas gifts for all of my friends and family. While I’ll be enrolling in intermediate pottery this summer, my roommate opted for a painting class. The studio holds open hours when classes aren’t in session where students can come in on their own time and practice or work on pieces. It’s an excellent outlet for when work gets a little monotonous, and you end the session with a great new decor piece or handmade gift! read more

The Best Coffee Shops in Berkeley

Coffee is central to the lives of students, working professionals, and hipsters alike. Whether you’re looking to fuel up for a day of work or relax and catch up with a friend, a cup of coffee is great company no matter what your agenda looks like. Berkeley, being a city full of college students and young self-starters, is the perfect place to explore with a great caffeinated beverage. I’m going to break down my favorite coffee shops on and around campus, and encourage you to use this as a mini coffee guide for the Berkeley area! read more

Ranking All the Boba Places in Berkeley

To start, I am not someone with a strong opinion, especially on food and drinks. Everything just kinda blends together, so it’s really hard to impress me. If it’s cold and refreshing then it’s probably a decent boba drink. Why am I ranking drink places if I don’t have strong opinions, you ask? Well, I don’t know honestly. My housemate gave me the idea and promptly ranked everything on the spot, so I was like why not. Besides, I’m also curious as to how this goes.  read more

Berkeley: A Concert-lover’s Fantasy

Being a live music junkie is easy in Berkeley, almost too easy. Being located in the Bay Area, a favorite spot for many artists, makes this the perfect city for concert lovers of all types. Whether you want to attend a small show at Cornerstone, conveniently located right off Shattuck, or you want to Bart over to the Civic Center in San Francisco for a rave at Bill Graham, the opportunities are virtually endless!

Being able to buy a ticket for a friend and I to see one of our favorite artists and know that, one way or another—bus, Uber, or Bart—we’ll get there and have the time of our lives is one of the best feelings! Some of my favorite memories of my college experience thus far have been at concerts with my closest friends.  read more

Making the Most of a Bay Area College Experience

One of the best benefits of going to a school like Berkeley, is not just what happens in school, but what happens outside of it. The Bay Area is a diverse area, full of options, from the beaches bordering the chilly northern Pacific, to cities with major metropolitan offerings, to even mountains and beautiful California scenery. With so many different adventures to choose from, I’m here to share my favorite memories.

I’m a big foodie, and I love to try new cuisines from different places. One of the places I love to go with my friends is Fruitvale, a neighborhood in south Oakland that’s home to a large Latinx population, where I often to go a restaurant called Aguachiles el Tamarindo. Located in a stationary food truck with a large outdoor seating area, Aguachiles offers a large selection of Sinaloan dishes, from traditional entrees to newer, more popular food trends. It’s one of the many amazing restaurants and food trucks located in Fruitvale, and in the larger Oakland area.

Recently, on Halloween, I went with 4 of my housemates to Outsidelands, a music festival hosted in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. While it usually happens in August, this year’s event happened in October which allowed us to get creative with our outfits. We had the chance to see artists from many different genres, from rock to electronic to pop. While we didn’t stay the entire night, headliners like J. Balvin and Tame Impala performed as well. San Francisco in general is a hub for all kinds of arts and events. The San Francisco Opera recently put on their version of Fidelio, Beethoven’s only opera, which centers around themes of imprisonment and freedom.

Another opportunity to take advantage of is the natural and historic elements of the Bay Area. This summer, I was able to join a friend on a trip to Angel Island in the northwest bay. Angel Island used to be a processing center for incoming Asian immigrants, but has since been converted to a nature reserve. You can take a ferry over from nearby Marin to the island, which is home to seals, deer, and a variety of bird species. Yet another must see in the Bay Area is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which connects San Francisco to Marin county. While I usually enjoy the view from the bridge from my car, you can also walk across the gate for a more firsthand view.

For an option closer to Berkeley, the Berkeley hills offer a must see view you should see at least once while attending school here. A nice feature about the Bay Area is the plethora of traveling methods, from buses to rentable Gig cars, so there are many ways you can get up to the tops of the hills. While I usually enjoy the view with my family when they come to visit, the scenic overlooks are great for an evening drive or a nice lunch spot.

My recommendation is to definitely try as many things as possible while being a Berkeley student! Weekends are holidays are the prime time to explore the exciting and fun spots around the Bay.

Local Retail Therapy

Goodwill decorative wall
Not only can you get some cute finds, but you can also take cute pics and romanticize life!

Life at Cal can be rather stressful at times, and what better way to cope than with retail therapy? Lucky for the fashion forward student body, there are so many places to go and find a new favorite item. Or, better yet, a renewed favorite item! Consider this a go-to guide to all of the vintage, thrift, and small-business clothing stores around campus. 


Located down Telegraph, this is one of my personal favorite stops. I will admit that it is one of the pricier options, but if you only go when you want to treat yourself, it is definitely worth it. The employees are always so kind and ready to help you find everything you need and make you feel SO good about yourself! Also, if you’re for any reason looking specifically for Harley Davidson, Disney, or wolf shirts, this is the place!  read more

Berkeley Small Businesses to Love and How to Support Them!

telegraph ave
Telegraph and Bancroft

When you first come to Berkeley, you might be bombarded by how much

there is to do and see here. From the quirky bookstores to the vegan cupcakes, the city of Berkeley is teeming with unique and cultivated experiences. Working as the lead business and economy reporter for the Daily Californian has allowed me to have the opportunity to get to know some of the really amazing small businesses here in Berkeley! My name is Dina and I’m going to be your virtual tour guide through some of the best small businesses in Berkeley! read more