The Bay Area’s Hidden Gems

A view of the campus on a cloudy day from Foothill Housing. This is one of many lovely views you can find around Berkeley and the Bay Area!

It’s easy to figure out which places to visit if you’re traveling to the Bay Area. If you Google something along the lines of ‘best places in Berkeley/San Francisco/East Bay’ and lots of websites pop up giving their take on some of the most iconic landmarks of the regions. But maybe you’ve already thought about these tourist hotspots. Maybe you want to go out and see the Bay Area past its more popular destinations instead, and to that, I salute you.

Finding places to visit outside your cookie-cutter inside scoop isn’t exactly the easiest. I decided to gather up a couple places I visited that I really enjoyed going to. My personal taste in places and eateries might not be the same as yours, but I wanted to throw my two cents in! Hopefully you’ll keep these places in mind on your next visit to Berkeley and the Bay Area. read more

Keeping Up With Berkeley

This Spring Break my best friend came to visit me all the way from Cambridge in the UK. It was interesting because while I had shown my parents around the city before I had yet to share this place with someone similar to me in views and age. When he arrived, he brought with him a preconception of what Berkeley was. Being the 5th most reputable school in the world means that most people have heard about our academic prowess, but it also means that Berkeley has a reputation to uphold in terms of its non-academic culture. Berkeley’s counter culture protests of the 60s, liberal ideologies, and great intellectual movements are all legendary. Berkeley the city should not be held independently of Berkeley the school. The city, while incredibly diverse, revolves around the school and is very much a college town. I personally feel it is a symbiotic relationship where the school gains its vibrancy from the city and vice versa. read more