#DormLife: Tips and Tricks for an Easier Move-In Day!

An exhausted me after fully moving in my dorm at Clark Kerr Campus, August 2021
An exhausted me after fully moving in my dorm at Clark Kerr Campus, August 2021

Hey you! Guess What? Move-in day is coming up fast! Before you start panicking and raiding your local Target (not sponsored), know that move-in is not at scary as it seems. While this marks the beginning of a new academic year and the next step in your academic journey, #dormlife is not as complicated as it seems and will be an amazing experience. Luckily, you came across this post and are about to learn some amazing tricks from your veteran at #dormlife and first-year resident assistant. Here are the five key things you should know. read more

Why ALL FIRST-YEARS Should Do Summer Bridge (coming from a former bridgee!)

Hey there! Congratulations on making it to UC Berkeley! You are about to embark on an amazing four-year journey here. Now, you may be wondering… How can I make the most of my summer? Well, I have got the answer for you! Summer 2021, I was exactly in your situation. I was doing Golden Bear Advising (GBA) and wondering what else can I do to get a head start on creating my Berkeley experience. That’s when I signed up for Summer Bridge at the very last minute. Do I regret it? Absolutely not!


Wait, Wait, Wait. What even is Summer Bridge? Is it… like an actual bridge? No, silly! (Well, metaphorically yes). Summer Bridge is a six-week program where freshman students can enroll in certain classes to get ahead on their college breadth and/or UC Berkeley’s graduation requirements. 

Summer Bridge allows first-year students to “cross” into college by getting a taste of academic life at Cal. You get hands-on experience in college classes, right before your first official semester. This will allow you to also explore different subjects you may not have had a chance to in high school.



Summer Bridge offers certain classes every summer from a wide range of options. Each summer is unique in its own way through the courses being offered. My bridge experience (Summer 2021, shoutout to the second online cohort!) offered a really cool class called “Lives of Struggle: Minorities Within A Majority Culture” (AFRICAM 27AC) which satisfied my American Cultures requirement.

This class LITERALLY changed my life. Professor Rose Wilkerson was our instructor and she is brilliant! This was the first time I ever took a class in African American studies and Ethnic Studies, as a whole. From there, I ended up deciding to major in Ethnic Studies! Summer Bridge really allows you to explore a multitude of subjects through its classes.

Here are some of the classes being offered (or that have been offered):

  • Anthropology 2AC – Introduction to Archaeology
  • Anthropology 3AC – Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • African American Studies 27AC – Lives of Struggle: Minorities Within A Majority Culture
  • Mathematics 32 – Precalculus
  • Statistics 2  – Introduction to Statistics (I took this one too!)
  • Chemistry 32 – Preparation for General Chemistry
  • Art and Humanities C132 – Archiving for Social Justice
  • Theater 5 – Public Speaking
  • Chicano 50 – Introduction to Chicanx History
  • read more