My Life as a YouTube Travel Vlogger at Cal

This is a picture of my YouTube Banner for 2019-2020. I usually post my travel vlogs by seasons (ex. fall, winter, summer). I would produce and edit a large amount of videos to save those to post in a week's period. It's almost like a squirrel collecting nuts in preparation for hibernation LOL.

If you clicked on this post, then it means that my title worked! As a YouTuber, I need to constantly think of “Clickbait” titles that promote audience retention as well as constant viewership. Welcome to my first post as apart of the Bear Talk Bloggers team! I’m super excited to share my journey at Cal as well as how I was able to balance student life with my passion as a YouTube travel vlogger :). You might be wondering…how did I get involved in travel vlogging on YouTube? Is it because it’s the “trend?” read more